Tuesday, May 8, 2018


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My speakers connection quit working. 
                Everything   I  try FAILS  for 8 year old Mac computer. 
No sound, No recording ability. Ahh well... until I can get an expert here,
I'm recording ALL tracks of new songs at studio #2-- 
time consuming & awkward not to be able to do Piano, Flute, etc. 
MIDI tracks in home studio. 
Yet FUN to be joking with producer, 
"Maybe God wanted more guitar leading songs!" ... I give God FULL credit for the IDEA that 
I can still create SCORE files on Mac's "piano" using piano's working speakers & Metronome: 

He's given me fast skills in looking at MIDI notes & knowing what they sound like!

Praising God that HE BLESSES ALL who honor Him & Fervently 
PRAY & ASK... incl. with skills, IDEAS, opportunities we never expected! Ephesians 3:20-21... for HIS Glory, not ours!

What does LORD God say ?? 
Romans 8:28 is a comfort verse... PROMISE ... from God.
“And we know that for those who love God   all things work together for good, 
for those who are called according to His purpose”. ... FRUSTRATIONS exist. 
BUT when we CHOOSE to NOT be dis-connected from God.... He HELPS and gives us wisdom!
James 1: 5-7

LORD it is SO amazing that You, the LORD of All, not only invite but yearn for us Each to "plug in" to restore our souls with You... to be empowered by you,
like the SOUND SPEAKER passing the message
of the main computer to the world...


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Photo credit (my studio has 2 giant monitors & full weighted key "piano" :) = groovephonics;com


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